Why iiyama G-Master Gaming Monitor Is Your Perfect Match


If you're looking for a gaming monitor, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Yes, a bigger monitor is better for gaming. However, there's more to it than that. You need to take into consideration its specs and other features.

This blog post will guide you on how to better understand the specs you should look for in a gaming monitor so you can save time looking for the best gaming monitors on the market. Because with a lot of options on the market now, how do you choose?

One of the highly recommended gaming monitors is the G-Master gaming series from iiyama. After reading this post, you'll have a better understanding of why the G-master gaming monitors are the perfect match for gamers.

What to Look For in a Gaming Monitor

Before anything else, especially if you're investing money for a gaming monitor, you should know what to look for in the specs and features. You can't just decide on a whim without thinking twice. So here are what you should look for in a gaming monitor.

  • Resolution

  • Screen Size

  • Refresh Rate

  • Response Time

  • G-Sync/FreeSync

  • HDR

  • Color Gamut

  • Inputs/Outputs

  • Panel Type

Screen Size and Resolution

For a gaming monitor, of course, screen size and resolution are everything. After all, you want a sharper and more detailed image when playing RPGs. So here's the best recommendation for screen size and resolution for gaming monitors:

  • Resolution: Full HD, 1440p or 4K (the higher the better and sharper the image)

  • Screen Size: 27-32 inches for better configurations

  • Desirable combination: 27" screen size and 1440p for higher refresh rates

Curved Monitor and Dual-Screen Setups

Do you want to step up your gaming experience? Setting up dual screens using curved screens sounds desirable. Yes, curved screens offer a lot of immersion but there's one thing you need to consider: not all PC games support a wide field of view, thus the resolution may seem unusual on curved monitors.

In a conclusion, a dual-screen set-up definitely should be considered for a better gaming experience. However, curved display gaming monitors may have their challenges.

Refresh Rate and Response Time

Gaming monitors should have a higher refresh rate and response time. For gaming monitors, powerful graphics are a must to run games smoothly, thus you'll benefit fully from monitors with a faster refresh rate and response time.

Also, a faster response time minimizes ghosting and minimizes motion blur. So here's what you should look for in a gaming monitor's refresh rate and response time:

  • Response time: 1 ms to 5 ms

  • Recommended refresh rate range: 60-240 Hz

  • The best option for refresh rate: 144 Hz

Adaptive Sync or Variable Refresh Rate

Another monitor spec to look for in gaming monitors is the Adaptive sync or the variable refresher rate. It's recommended to look for a gaming monitor with an Adaptive sync tech to help with screen tearing.

Here's what you need to know when it comes to screen tearing: it occurs when the frame rate and refresh rate don't match. So here's what you should look for when it comes to the adaptive sync feature of gaming monitors:

  • NVIDIA G-Sync: are more expensive but is more reliable

  • AMD FreeSync: are more affordable but may have a major difference from one display to another

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

When gaming, or perhaps watching videos on your desktop, you always want vivid colors, great contrast, bright highlights, excellent details, and deep shadows. So to speak, you need a gaming monitor with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) display.

However, HDR gaming monitors require compatible pipelines which include the graphics card, operating system, display, and proper function. So make sure when you buy an HDR gaming monitor, it has supported options compatible with your CPU.

Color Gamut

Color gamut describes the range of colors a monitor can produce. The more displayed colors, the more accurate and true-to-life the image on the monitor is. So when you're looking for a gaming monitor, it should be close to 95% RGB.

This base figure provides good color and a true-to-life gaming experience. If you want better coverage and have more funds to splurge on the monitor, you want a color gamut of 100% RGB.


Just don't look at the internal specs of a gaming monitor, but its outlet as well. Make sure to check the input and outputs included with the gaming monitor and if it's compatible with your existing set-up. Cables matter! What you should look for when it comes to inputs and outputs are:

  • HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 (safe bets)

  • USB Audio Connections (for speakers or headphones)

  • The Thunderbolt and USB Type-C offer support for the HDMI and Displayport using adapters

  • If you want to future-proof your set-up, it's better to choose HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 2.0

Customer Reviews

Before checking out and paying for that gaming monitor, of course, you have to hear the consensus of your fellow gamers. It pays to read customer reviews. Gaming monitors with 5 stars and positive reviews deserve to be given a shot.

Choose from These G-Master iiyama Monitors for Gamers

Now that you're aware of the specs and features you should look for in a gaming monitor, it's time to take a look at the best gaming monitors available in the market now. By now, you already know that G-master gaming monitors are a perfect match for a true-to-life gaming experience. Here are the G-Master gaming monitors you can choose from.

  1. iiyama G-MASTER GB3466WQSU-B1 34" 144Hz 1ms 1500R Height Adjust Stand Curved LED Display

Red Eagle 1500R Curved Panel 34"

The first option for excellent gaming monitors is the iiyama G-MASTER GB3466WQSU-B1 34" 144Hz 1ms 1500R Height Adjust Stand Curved LED Display. It's a real game-changer in the gaming world that guarantees a realistic gaming and viewing experience. This curved panel with an adjustable height stand ensures perfect positioning. Specs and features of the Red Eagle include:

  • Screen Size: 34"

  • Resolution: 3440x1440

  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz

  • Response Time: 1ms

  • Horizontal Sync: 160kHz

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)

  • Color Gamut

  • Panel Type: VGA

  • FreeSync Technology

  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9

  • Panel Brightness : 400 cd/m2

  • Static Contrast : 3000:1

The Red Eagle series is available in different monitor sizes: 24, 24.5, 25, 27, 32, and 34 inches (both available in flat and curved display monitors)

  1. Black Hawk G-Master G2730HSU-B1 27"


Black Hawk G-Master G2730HSU-B1 27"

Another gaming monitor on top of the gaming food chain is another G-Master monitor from iiyama, the Black Hawk. Hawks are strong and powerful birds, and so does the Black Hawk gaming monitor.

It's the perfect companion for gaming adventures with a stunning response time. If you're on a budget but want an excellent gaming monitor, this is a great option. Here are some features and specs of the Black Hawk G-Master G2730HSU-B1 27":

  • Panel Size: 27"

  • Panel Type: TN

  • Response Time: 1ms

  • Horizontal Sync: 83kHz

  • Triple input support: VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort

  • Native Resolution : 1920 x 1080

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Panel Brightness : 300 cd/m2

  • Static Contrast : 1000:1

  • Other features: Black Tuner function and FreeSync Technology

Also available in different monitor sizes: 21.5, 25, and 27 inches (all flat monitors)

  1. Gold Phoenix iiyama G-Master GB2590HSU-B1


Gold Phoenix iiyama G-Master GB2590HSU-B1

If you want to splurge on a gaming monitor but have limited space in your gaming area, then the Gold Phoenix G-Master GB2590HSU-B1 is an excellent choice for you. It may be smaller than other gaming monitors on this list, but it's packed with great features.

It's packed with the latest technologies that will bring your gaming experience to a whole new level. The features of the Golden Phoenix iiyama G-Master gaming monitor include:

  • Panel Size: 24.5"

  • Panel Type: Fast IPS

  • Response Time: 0.4ms

  • Refresh Rate: 240kHz

  • Native Resolution : 1920 x 1080

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Panel Brightness : 400 cd/m2

  • Static Contrast : 1000:1

  • Includes: FreeSync Premium

    1. Silver Crow iiyama G-Master ProLite GB2730QSU-B1 27"

      Silver Crow iiyama G-Master ProLite GB2730QSU-B1 27"

Last but definitely not the least Silver Crow iiyama G-Master ProLite GB2730QSU-B1 27". This gaming monitor has one of the finest displays with guaranteed excellent image clarity. It has a blue light reducer function with a flicker-free panel to protect your eyes even with long-gaming sessions. Here are the features you can expect from the Silver Crow iiyama G-Master:

  • Panel Size: 27"

  • Panel Type: TN

  • Response Time: 1ms

  • Horizontal Sync: 89kHz

  • Native Resolution : 2560 x 1440

  • Other features: Blue light reducer function and flicker-free panel

Enjoy Your Gaming Experience With The Monitor Lounge!

With the iiyama G-Master gaming monitor options above, you will surely find the perfect match for you. Just remember, choose wisely and always check the product specs of the gaming monitor before purchasing it. Lastly, if you can, ask opinions from fellow gamers and always check out consumer reviews.

And as always, can always contact The Monitor Lounge for recommendations and questions you may have.