The Top 5 Advantages Of Using A USB-C Display

USB-C displays are part of the revolution of making our working environments more convenient while delivering top speed, powerful charge, and high resolution. We're primarily familiar with HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI when connecting our laptops to displays. But more and more peripheral manufactures are making their products with USB-C ports, and soon the USB-C will be the universal connector.


Suppose you're looking to replace your USB-C display, or you're entirely new to this up-and-coming game-changer. Either way, we'll explain exactly what a USB-C display is, the top benefits of using one, and share USB-C displays that are available at The Monitor Lounge.

What Exactly Is A USB-C Display?

A USB-C display belongs in the USB family. Most likely, you already use USB ports in your daily life, from charging your cell phone, smartwatch, e-reader, etc. To understand where the USB-C fits in the family, here are some examples of other types of USBs:  


  • USB-A: Used for smartphones, cameras, keyboards, etc.
  • USB-B: Used for printers and scanners
  • USB Mini-A: Used to charge mobile devices and to transfer data between computers
  • USB Mini-B: Mostly used for digital cameras
  • USB Micro-B Super Speed: Widely used for newer cell phones, GPS devices, and digital cameras


A USB-C port is super fast in connecting and transferring data between your device and the display. That’s what it was designed to do when it hit the market back in 2014, focusing on delivering efficiency and stellar performance. But it also does more than transfer data. There are also many other benefits of having a USB-C display.

5 Advantages Of A USB-C Display

To determine if a USB-C display is suitable for you, here are the top five advantages to consider.

Consolidating Your Cords

It’s an automatic win anytime you can consolidate cords! A USB-C display means you have one cord that takes care of your power, data transfer, video transfer, and any other specialized types of cords you would typically use. This is highly beneficial when you have a laptop, and you're always on the go.


Think of your USB-C display also as a docking station. You can simply unplug your laptop, take it with you to a meeting or coffee shop, and then when you return, just plug it back into the display to let it charge.  


Or say you need to charge your cell phone, but don’t have a cord. Just unplug your laptop from the USB-C display and use the cord to charge your phone just enough so you can make it the rest of the day. 


Easy To Use

Many newer devices, such as laptops, are already built for USB-C capability. That eliminates having to dig around or purchase adapters. It’s also super helpful for all your other devices because you only have to worry about one type of input/output.


Additionally, plugging in a cord probably seems like an easy task. Still, if you've ever struggled with plugging in a cable only to wonder if you accidentally just broke your laptop, then you understand specific cords can cause you grief. The USB-C display means you have a smaller cord, more symmetrically shaped, and designed for comfort and ease of use. So when you plug it in, it will always fit.

Quick Charging Power

Since the USB-C display also doubles as your laptop’s power supply, it’s only natural to wonder how fast will it actually charge.


Well, the answer is super fast, and you'll notice more charging power as well. The USB-C display is designed to deliver a higher power supply, so not only will your laptop recharge and last longer while unplugged, so will your other devices if you use the USB-C display for charging.

Powerfully-Fast Transfer Speeds

As we briefly mentioned already, when you use a USB-C display, you’ll experience faster data transfer speeds than you would with other USB ports. But it’s so incredible it’s worth mentioning again!


There are newer generations of USB-C ports, such as the USB 3.1 Gen 1, which can transfer up to 5 Gbps, and the Gen 2 (USB SuperSpeed+) that can transfer up to 10 Gbps. And if you want hair-blown-back speed opt for the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C that lets you transfer data up to 40 Gbps. This can be important when you have large amounts of data, such as videos.


Apple was an early adopter of the Thunderbolt 3, and many new devices are equipped for USB-C. But if your laptop is a few years old, not interested in upgrading yet, and not sure if it's UBC-display ready, you can always contact The Monitor Lounge, and we'll help you out.


Enjoy High Resolution

Since you have a mighty USB-C port, it can go without saying that also means you'll have incredible high-resolution video. This means having 4K UHD quality and audio transmitting without skipping a beat. So when you decide to have a USB-C display, you won't be disappointed or experience a downgraded experience.

How Can I Tell If My Laptop Has A USB-C Port?

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the ports apart, and it can be more confusing since there can be different types of USB-C ports, like Thunderbolt 3 vs. a regular USB-C port.


Honestly, the best way to distinguish your ports is to look at the documentation that came with your device, or you can also look it up online. Some devices will have it printed on your device next to the port what kind it is.


Again, if you have any trouble, you can always contact our team, and we can do our best to help!

USB-C Displays Available At The Monitor Lounge

If reading through these top benefits of a USB-C display has convinced you to need to give it a try, then The Monitor Lounge is here to help.


We offer a 24” and a 27” USB-C display that will have you working at a cleaned-up desk in no time. Plus, you can easily create a two-monitor setup by using your laptop and the USB-C display.


We carefully pack and ship all our monitors via FedEx to arrive safely to your door in a plain box for additional security. You'll also receive a tracking number, so you'll know when your new USB-C display will arrive! We also offer a one-year warranty on all our displays.


Please view our USB-C displays, as well as our entire display selection, on our website.