What are Large Format Displays and Do You Need One?

If you're looking for a way to market your business, attract new customers, or simply seek a crystal-clear display for presentations, large format displays may be your answer.


But what exactly are large format displays, and how do they function? This blog covers everything you need to know about large format displays, essential aspects to consider when selecting a large format display, and examples available with The Monitor Lounge.


What Exactly are Large Format Displays?

To keep it simple, large format displays, or LFDs, are large flat-screen displays that are minimally 32” and can be as big as 90” or more! So, for example, at The Monitor Lounge, we carry a 98” Iiyama large format display—now that’s how you make an impression!

How Would You Use Large Format Displays?

So why would you need a display that’s the same height as a small elephant? Well, there are many reasons. First, instead of utilizing for desktop use, most LFDs are great for businesses that need to display messages, promotions, and presentations to customers and employees.


You won’t find LFDs just inside buildings. All-weather, large format displays are also great for outdoor advertising, such as bus stops or video walls. In addition, most LFDs are equipped with technology that allows you to play videos and presentations on loop or simply display an image. And LFDs can be used for more behind-the-scenes work, such as security surveillance or conference rooms.


Some specific examples of how to utilize large format displays include:


  • Restaurants: LFDs are great ways to display menus in the waiting areas or highlight daily specials.
  • Retail: Bright LFDs can help showcase promotions and sales, attracting customers inside.
  • Corporate: Showcasing the company’s message throughout the building and providing directions are just a few examples of utilizing LFDs at work.

Combining Two or More LFDs

You can even get more creative by using multiple large format displays together. For example, Iiyama LFDs are equipped with DisplayPort Video OUT with Daisy Chain technology so you can "chain together" various displays.  This eliminates clutter and opens up opportunities for eye-catching promotions.


It’s a simple process to Daisy Chain LFDs together. First, you connect the first LFD to the host system using a DisplayPort cable. For optimal quality, a DisplayPort 1.4 cable is recommended. Then you connect the second LFD to the first LFD using a secondary DisplayPort output connection.


Once you link the displays together, you can control what shows up by operating them with a LAN network or an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) plug-in PC. An OPS plug-in is usually the favorite route because it eliminates the need for an additional cable by sliding into a universal internal slot. Some LFDs also have the capability of you directly installing applications right to it, like our 32” Iiyama ProLite LFD.


So instead of having one 96” LFD, you can have a collection of 32” LFDs to create an even more unique promotion for your business.

How to Choose the Best LFD

When selecting the best LFD for your needs, you'll want to focus on size, resolution, brightness, color, connectivity, and, most importantly, location.

LFD Size

Of course, large format displays are bigger than your usual display, but selecting just how big you need to go is essential. Some things to consider are where you plan to put the display, the viewing distance and readability, and what kind of impact you want to make.

LFD Resolution

The general rule of thumb is the higher the resolution, the better for large format displays. But you also need to make sure whatever you plan to showcase on an LFD is also designed for a high-resolution display. An LFD is not apologetic for showing more detailed images, so blurs and imperfections will be noticeable if pictures and presentations are low resolutions.

LFD Brightness

Generally speaking, large format displays have become brighter to help businesses use them to attract new customers. But again, it also depends on where you plan to place your LFD. Sometimes the brightness can have adverse effects on the color of the images you plan to showcase.

LFD Color

While technology continues to improve, you don't have to make trade-offs between brightness, color, and contrast. But, again, consider the location of your large format display. Will it be directly in sunlight? This means dark colors may appear different or washed out.

LFD Connectivity

Of course, you need to know the best way to connect your large format display to a laptop or other device so you can showcase your promotion, images, or presentations. For example, the Iiyama displays we carry have both LAN network and OPS plug-in capabilities, so while easy to set up, it's essential to be prepared to use this technology.


Iiyama Large Format Displays

At The Monitor Lounge, we carry the entire line of large format displays if you're looking to drum up business or looking for a big display for editing photos or security surveillance.  


  • 32” Full HD Iiyama ProLite LH3252HS-B1: Set it up in either landscape or portrait to run 24/7. Using convenient and robust cloud technology, you can also utilize the Nsign* feature to create and schedule content across multiple LFDs. There is also the onboard Android 8.0 OS option to install applications directly to the LFD. Plus, with the FailOver feature, your content is always guaranteed to be actively displayed.


  • 43” 4K UHD Iiyama ProLite LH4352UHS-B1: This large format display has all of the same features as the 32", but in addition, it also offers an Intel SDM slot. This provides the ability to embed a PC for absolute flexibility, security, and control. Plus, it's 4K UHD and packed with 500cd/m2 high brightness so you can grab the attention you want!


  • 43” Ultra HD 4K Desktop Display Iyama ProLite X4373UHSU-B: This large format display is equipped with PbP (picture-by-picture) functionality, so you can simultaneously display content from up to four different signal inputs. You can also divide the screen up into four displays without the hassle of multiple cables. This also comes with a stand, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB hub, and headphone connector for convenient desktop use.



If you’re ready to go big or go home, you can shop large format displays with The Monitor Lounge. Browse our selections, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. Our team is ready to help you pick your perfect LFD.